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.com1 Year10.9910.9910.99
.net1 Year13.9913.9913.99
.org1 Year12.9912.9912.99
.us1 Year8.998.998.99
.info1 Year11.9911.9911.99
.me1 Year26.9926.9926.99
.mobi1 Year18.9918.9918.99
.la1 Year32.9932.9932.99
.asia1 Year14.9914.9914.99
.biz1 Year13.9913.9913.99
.co.uk1 Year8.998.998.99
.ca1 Year13.9913.9913.99
.eu1 Year8.998.998.99
.cn.com1 Year37.9937.9937.99
.name1 Year9.999.999.99
.cc1 Year11.9911.9911.99
.tv1 Year27.9927.9927.99
.bz1 Year20.9920.9920.99
.de1 Year8.998.998.99
.eu.com1 Year27.9927.9927.99
.uk.com1 Year33.9937.9933.99
.in1 Year9.999.999.99
.nl1 Year9.999.999.99
.in.net1 Year7.997.997.99
.es1 Year8.998.998.99
.ru1 Year5.995.995.99
.mn1 Year40.9940.9940.99