Profile: PLC is a world-wide provider of shared, reseller, VPS and dedicated web hosting, and since 2004 We are Providing Powerfull Reliable Windows Hosting. HostingFest provides affordable hosting packages to clients so that they can enjoy the fullest extent of the web hosting,

HostingFest is a very friendly web hosting company which is always in touch with the client and helps the customer in need and also takes feedback from the clients to improve services.

From domain Hosting to Windows hosting, HostingFest provides rich features plans to provide reliability and affordability to clients , so that they can achieve maximum output though not much expensive prices, that we see all over the world. the prices in hostingfest are in within budget and is affordable, if you don’t like our services we have 30-money back guarantee for every client, so he can enjoy full services with us without any discomfort

Small and medium sized business can design and execute a professional website without any problems with our Powerful hosting, because we provide the necessary tools that can be exercised with every hosting plan.


HostingFest is a windows Hosting provider that provides affordable Windows & ASP.NET hosting packages for developers, corporates and personal use with reliable customer service, so that they can enjoy the fullest extent of the windows hosting.


To help developers, corporates and people enjoy affordable hosting solution.

HostingFest Values

Our Commitment To Our People is The Key To Success