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Username: HostingFestDemo
Password: Hostingfestdemo123!@#


  • Easy to use and fast awesome streamlined interface

  • Next generation advanced control panel architecture. Each service (DNS, web, mail, database, etc.) runs on separate physical server for improved performance and reliability.

  • Ability to create custom hosting summary for resellers.

  • Ability to create custom DNS servers and override the default DNS servers for resellers

  • Ability to use one FTP account for all domains under the user account

  • Ability to have multiple packages (shared hosting,  reseller hosting, VPS) under one account and control them from the same control panel.

  • Fully supported  .NET Framework 4 and above till 4.7 also backward compatible.

  • All application pools can be setup in both Classic and Integrated modes

  • Ability to create custom errors, headers and mime types in IIS for each domain

  • Support and control of IIS Remote Manager through the control panel.

  • Ability to create custom hosting summary for resellers.

  • Advanced mail server support for Smartermail 16.x.

  • Advanced statistics support for Smarterstat 8.x

  • Ability to upload databases backup via FTP.

  • Ability to restore uploaded databases directly from the panel.

  • Support for zip archived database backups.

  • Support for zip archives in the panel Web File Manager.

  • Ability to use one database user for multiple databases.

  • Ability to create multiple scheduled tasks which can be database only backups, check site’s availability and many more.