Uptime Guarantee

HostingFest is proving 99.9% Uptime, so that your websites and web application won't face any downtime, if you feel that you are getting any downtime, then you can contact us immediately and HostingFest will solve the problem for you

with the new servers located in our new datacenters which are equipped with daily 24/7 backups and rigid backend support you don't have to worry about your data loss.

HostingFest will provide you the necessary tools to guarantee your safety with us and HostingFest is very friendly and HostingFest know how hurdle and problematic it can be when a website is down for many hours, HostingFest provide reliability and provide maximum performance so that there is no downtime and your business won't face any loss.

You can check the table since HostingFest moved to another datacenter, our uptime has really improved.

Year Month Uptime Rating Outage Durations
2014 January 100.00 % Excellent 0 0 hrs
2013 December 100.00 % Excellent 0 0 hrs
2013 November 100.00 % Excellent 0 0 hrs
2013 October 98.70 % Good 2 8.3 hrs
2013 September 99.05 % Excellent 1 6.8 hrs
2013 August 99.33 % Excellent 2 5 hrs
2013 July 100.00 % Excellent 1 0 hrs
2013 June 99.74 % Excellent 1 1.9 hrs
2013 May 99.51 % Excellent 1 3.6 hrs
2013 April 99.13 % Excellent 2 6.3 hrs
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HostingFest also have monitoring services which will alert us instantly, if something has gone wrong, it can be hdd, cpu load, memory problems, etc, when HostingFest get the notification HostingFest can address the issue immediately to resolve it as soon as possible so that the customer does not face any downtime.