Why HostingFest?

1| We Guarantee 99.9% UPTIME!
if we fail to achieve that we will give you partial refund. Check our Term of Service.
2| 30-days money back guarantee
You can try our services for 30-days, if we fail to provide quality services we will refund you the whole money what is within 30 days.
3| FREE Domain Registration
If you buy any of our shared plan, any reseller plan , or any VPS plan except starter festival shared plan, on annual basis you will get the domain for free.
4| 24/7 Technical Support
We have 27/7 Technical Support as well as live chat, and there are many knowledgebase articles which can help you solve your problem very easily.
5| Web application Gallery
whether you want to install Blogging platforms such as WordPress, Drupal, Joomla or you want E-Commerce platforms such as nopCommerce, Shopping Cart .NET etc or any wiki site they all can be installed through most of our plans with 2 mouse clicks!
6| Free Website Builder
We provide free website builder , so that you can easily develop powerful websites with few mouse clicks, click here for details.
7| ASP.NET Hosting
We Provide Multiple Asp.Net versions from ASP.NET 1 to 4.5, on our Windows 2003/2008/2012 Servers with MVC 1,2,3,4 LINQ Hosting.
8| MSSQL 2005/2008 and 2012
We have a separate server for each of the Microsoft Sql Server, We provide MSSQL 2005/2008 and now 2012 MSSQL
9| ColdFusion Hosting
We have a powerful Coldfusion hosting Servers just for Coldfusion so if a client require coldfusion we can provide them.
10| PHP Hosting
We provide PHP 4 to 5.5 hosting, , in all windows servers and Linux Servers.