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We hope this site provides all the information that you need in order to make your descision, however if you have any questions, we have a variety of ways in which you may contact us - each of which are listed below. Current customers can also use these methods.

  • Knowledge Base
    Question about settings for Mail, FTP or other service? General scripting problem? Take a look in our knowledge base for answers to common questions we get asked! This is being expanded all the time
  • Online Helpdesk
    Our online helpdesk is the best way to get support from one of our staff, when you submit a ticket it can be answered by any one of our support team allowing us to answer your question as quickly as possible! We can also get the best member of staff to answer your query, whether it be a technical question for one of our programmers, or somebody to answer questions about billing.
  • Email
    If you would prefer to submit your request via e-mail, you can do so by sending an e-mail to one of the addresses below:
  • Telephone:
    UK: (+44) 208 123 7750
    US and Intenational: (+1) 323 454 3378
  • Fax:
    UK/US and Intenational: (+44) 871 264 3778
  • Fax:
    UK/US and Intenational: (+44) 871 264 3778
  • Address:
    Building No.20 Street 13
    Peshawar 25000